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The world's leading online taxi dispatch system

cloud based

complete solution

caller ID

  • Cloud based, no on-site installation needed.

  • Integrated VoIP with Caller-ID.

  • Real time vehicle position and status updates.

  • Full support for corporate and passenger accounts with predefined trips.

  • Auto completion of addresses.

  • Examine job queues and free slots for vehicles.

  • Automatic report generation on driver shifts and shift totals.

  • Automatic aletrs for late vehicles.

  • Easy website integration for online bookings.

  • Custom vehicle tags to filter job assignments.

  • Support for multiple auto-assignment schemes: Zone-queues, FIFO, nearest or best vehicle.

  • Passenger text-back on car dispatched and car waiting.

  • Automatic route calculation.

  • Automatic fare estimation and calculation.

Taxi-Time Dispatch