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Company subscribing/subscribed with 360Taxi

Companies willing to subscribe can pay to 360Taxi through PayPal and/or Credit Cards. Subscription are recursive depending the type of Subscription.
Companies willing to cancel their subscription can do so and 360Taxi is liable to pay returnable charges

Passenger to Company Charges

360Taxi is an international software application providing services to companies around the globe. At each country transportation charges differ. Passenger have to pay the driver of a company once their job is done i.e. Pickup from Location A and drop Off at Location B. Passenger cannot claim refund of a pick and drop service that is successfully completed neither can he/she open an issue at company office.
A driver accept to complete a job is liable to complete it in any situation. A broken vehicle's job is transferable to other vehicles of the same company through "RECALL" option in driver app.

Taxi-Time Dispatch