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360Taxi is an online application provided in two forms i.e. Web Portal with Control panel for controlling Dispatch Units and Mobile applications in iOS and Android. 360Taxi is designed from scratch to ground up. No third party or open source “Software as a whole” or “Software as a part” is used in 360Taxi. The software is designed keeping in mind modern day screen sizing and bandwidths which means its template is responsive and adjusts to different screen sizes. By default there is only one template provided to merchants.

Subscription Mechanism

360Taxi is a Taxi dispatch solution, Meaning, it provides subscription based accounts to Cab/Taxi companies in order to run their business under 360Taxi's umbrella. Companies can cancel their accounts willingly and 360Taxi will return their charges. 360Taxi offer subscription to companies of any scale depending upon service areas, number of vehicles and dispatch unit in operations. Any company buying subscription agree to share information like merchant id or email through which they will receive payments from their passengers.

Consumer/Passenger of Company

Every company can have passengers to which company itself will provide service like vehicle dispatching, booking, pick and drop. Passenger is liable to pay either through cash or via soft money in form of Card payments once they are picked and dropped at a location. Advance booking of vehicles is not supported at present. Mode of payment is selected before booking a vehicle of a company. Vehicle company is liable to send a vehicle to passenger depending upon the availability as well as constraints of company operational time and schedule.

Merchant/Company Responsibility

Vehcile Booking, Dispatching, pick and drop, providing quality vehicle service and other external mechanisms are sole responsibility of merchant, more specifically, merchant have to arrange their own transport or delivery vehicles. 360Taxi is provided as a SaaS(Software as a services) application. Merchants or any other business owner where they are clients to 360Taxi does not have the ownership / proprietorship of the portal or mobile application. Source code or technical documentations will not be provided to any client in any form available.

Taxi-Time Dispatch